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Fashionable Thursday: Maxi Mania

Happy Fashionable Thursday DV Beauties! I am taking all of you today through the Maxi Mania Route. Many of us think that maxi dresses or skirts are something to wear only during spring-summer season, but let’s dismantle that discourse here and now. First of all let’s establish that a maxi length is every skirt of dress which trim is at the ankle level and it is an item that every lady (disregarding the age) should own. You can acquire them in variety of fabrics like satin, tulle or denim, in a solid color, with floral print, high wasted, pleated, with a slit and so many other options that will make you look instantly sophisticated and polished in a very effortless way. If you take time to style it properly, it will serve you for an infinite number of occasions across every season. No matter if you are tall, short, curvy or column-shaped; you can always make it work for your personal style and body type. Now during this current season, you can always pair it with a chunky sweater, high neck tops, or with jackets, this way you will give the feel to serve your fall-winter looks. In terms of the modern world, we owe the popularity of the maxi length skirts and dress to the Dominican Fashion Designer Oscar de la Renta who popularized it in 1968, the rest is history with the trend taking popularity somehow every single year. This 2019 we owe the trend to designer houses like Chloe and Chanel, they implemented them in very chic way and with rich fabrics and styles. Be sure that you will be going for very high end look when implemented them this 2019/2020 fall-winter season.

If you are a person who gets cold very quickly just put on a pair of leggings that won’t show and feel free to implement the Maxi Mania this year!

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