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  • Iris Rosario

Fashionable Thursday: Let's Tie Dye Everything!

Tie Dye is a very distinctive and artistic print that actually originated in Japan and Indonesia around the 8th century. This print basically made the leap to the North American mainstream culture during the 60’s, where hippies protesting against the Vietnam War adopted it as a way to constantly promote the social discourse of peace and love. This 2019 we are welcoming tie dye back. Stella McCartney and Prada were some of the high end designer’s that implemented it within the fashion collections for the spring-summer season. Contrary to past decades where it was almost incorporated without much effort, now this trend is being part of a much more tasteful ready-to-wear fashion industry. While clean, organic, nostalgic and contemporary this very much water colored inspired print is here to elude the bohemian and innovated woman in you. Feel free to incorporate it in your wardrobe and remember to upgrade your looks by adding elements that will make you look fashion forward, even if your tie dye piece is not from a high end brand. In this particular case, the belt and fedora hat were added to offer an optical distraction and extra touch. Just have in consideration the mixture and vibrancy of colors this print has. Utilize it in a way that does not make your body look bigger, rather define the beautiful body you have in a smart way.

Don’t think tie dye is only for children, instead step up your styling ability and dare to wear it this 2019!

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