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Fashionable Thursday: Holiday Trends/Velvet

The year 2019 is almost over and having explored many seasonal trends, the style series and the body type series, we are now opening the door to the last series of this year. The Holidays Trend series is here DV Beauties. We will be dedicating four weeks to the best trends or essentials that you may be considering, needing and applying during this holiday and way beyond fall-winter season in order to look impeccable and fashion forward. Today we will begin with the shiny and full of personality velvet. This fabric was originated in the Eastern culture, characterized by its soft shine catching the light and the way it drapes on the body too. It was first popularized in the modern world during the 20’s decade and it is a great fabric to wear during fall-winter, due to the special touch it adds to any outfit and its qualities that are easily associated with longer nights and celebrations. This season designer houses like Tom Ford and Elie Saab popularized it and the best of it is that you can always implement it in a way that screams your personal style. Just have in consideration that it will automatically draw the optical attention to the body part where is located on because of its shine and make it look in harmony and cohesion with the rest of the outfit. Acquire your velvet pieces such as dresses, skirts, dusters, blazers, tops, bodysuits, even shoes and accessories and take them for a walk. Now that holidays are here and even besides that, the fall-winter season which is full of layering explore the more elaborated way of looking polished and bold when wearing and proposing looks that go beyond the ordinary.

Enjoy the holidays, but don’t compromise your style in the process. Velvet is here for you, take advantage of it!

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