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Fashionable Thursday: Holiday Trends/Transparencies & See Through

We say goodbye to 2019 with the last blog of the year DV beauties. Thank you very much for being and followed these blogs till the last one. Today is dedicated to the last holiday trend which is everything related to transparencies and see through materials. I personally love this trend, because more than a trend it proposes a philosophy of life and standards of showing more of what is truly below our surface. Because psychology is directly related to fashion, you must know that this trend allows you to show the world that you are not afraid to be and show who you truly are. So, if the description above appeals to you, now let’s go to the practical aspect of it. Transparencies fabrics like organza, tulle, lace and voile along with and see through materials like plastic are for you to implement them through your clothing pieces or any kind of accessories if you prefer it to give it a try with a minimal aspect. Know that these pieces will be the statement within your outfit situation, and you don’t need them to be overpowered by other pieces you paired. Instead let them be the protagonist they deserve to be by balancing your outfit situations and acclimating them to your personal style like I always say. Trends don’t need to make you look like somebody else, but like your authentic self.

Finish this 2020 strong my DV beauties. Pick and choose from the holiday trends and be the best version of yourself today and forever!

With love,


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