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  • Iris Rosario

Fashionable Thursday: Fringe Fever

Transitioning from fall-winter to the spring-summer season, fringe is here to stay for a while. Fringe per se became part of the fashion industry as far back as in the 1920's, where the “flapper” movement adopted it. The flappers were the fashionable young women who enjoyed themselves breaking the standards patterns of behavior, in other words “rebels”. This style offered a little bit more length to skirts and dresses, volume to body parts and a fun statement on clothing pieces while materials used were wool, silk, linen, suede and leather. Fringe revolutionized the fashion industry and women loved it. In today’s world, you can find it from the more dressy pieces to the most western style ones. Also, you may see it in purses, shoes or accessories; adding just the needed touch of fun and free spirit look. If you will be including it as part of your outfits have in consideration that it will draw attention to the part of your body that is worn on. Get to know your body type and don’t be scare to implement it.

This spring-summer season say yes to the fringe fever!

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