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  • Iris Rosario

Fashionable Thursday: Fierce Is The Way to Go

Animal print is always a staple right? Nevertheless, the level of intensity of it as a seasonal trend varies from year to year. All over this year we have been seeing it more than ever, especially during the spring-summer season the snake print was all over the fashion world conquering the print department. However, fall-winter is here and with it the reestablishment of animal print department with a new-old conqueror. Everything leopard/tiger/cheetah print will be ruling the animal print section during this season.

Throwing back in history, animal skins have been used to protect humans from weather conditions, among other purposes since forever. In the other hand, fabrics with patterns and colors imitating animal skins like zebra, snake, or leopards were created to be worn as far back as the eighteen century and very popularized in modern days between the 70’s/80’s. They were and are extremely known for evoking gracefulness yet power, luxury yet fierceness, and sensuality in a classy way to the wearer. You have the power to recreate a very Dolce & Gabana, YSL or Zimmerman look in a very effortless way. Incorporate these feline prints in your wardrobe; they can be the statement piece of your outfits or just a minimalist touch to your entire appearance. From accessories like jewelry, belts or headbands (which are really on trend right now), tops, buttons, shoes, purses; animal print is for you to take advantage of it without compromising a very elegant and chic appearance.

With all the colder temperatures quickly approaching, do not hesitate anymore because Fierce if the Way to Go!

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