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Fashionable Thursday: Fashion & Style

On today’s blog you can expect an interpretation and explanation of what fashion and style are. Later on, I will be discussing in depth some of the most common personal styles when it comes to how women dress. Get comfortable and enjoy the last Fashionable Thursday of 2018!

The first thing is to come familiar with what fashion is, as unique and individually represented as it can be. Fashion is always changing, but always been influenced by its past at the same time. Formally known as whatever is popular at the time, every spring/summer and fall/winter season designers create clothing, shoes, and accessories that become quite requested and replicated by the “ready to wear” providers for us to buy and wear them. The most highlighted collections by the media during fashion weeks later on become “trendy” from season to season. From colors, prints, fabrics, shapes, it’s all influenced by great designer houses like Dior, Chanel, YSL, Ralph Lauren, Isabel Marant, Oscar de la Renta, to mention a few.

Now let’s talk about personal style. The same clothing piece does not look the same on everybody, and that is simply because we are all created differently. Ultimately, it is really important to be conscious on how to get dressed. You need to take in to consideration your personality, behavior, likes, attitude and everything that composes your gorgeous self. All of these characteristics help to define and give shape to your own interpretation of fashion, therefore your personal style is born. This is your particular ability to style outfits and play with what you have in your wardrobe in such a unique way, that others cannot look exactly like you do. It does not matter if it is trendy or perfect for others, but how do you feel while using a clothing piece, shoes or accessories and how that is portrayed to others.

Once you find your uniqueness and feel great in your own skin, there is nothing you won’t be able to wear if it shows your beautiful self and unique sense of style.

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