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Fashionable Thursday: Fall-Winter Color Palette for 2019/2020

It is that time of the year where we get to talk about the color palette for fall-winter season. Like I have said before, what I truly enjoy it is to play with color combinations and the adaptation of them having in consideration the weather/fashion seasons. Nevertheless, here is a disclaimer and that is that rules are here just to be broken; so even though these are suggestions that do not mean that you cannot implement these colors during other seasons or that other colors in addition to this palette cannot be implemented within you fall-winter wardrobe. In the creative fashion industry there is always room for adaptations and different interpretations of what fashion is.

Fall-Winter is the time where we can incorporate warm and neutral colors more than ever when getting dressed. As I have mentioned before, Pantone rules the color department in terms of art and fashion, therefore the color palette I am about to present is once again pre-selected by them. Dare to play with them, the seasonal color trends are for you to get inspiration, ideas and exploration with all that has to do with your wardrobe and personal arrangement. For 2019/2020 here you have a color pallet report:

Spicy Red-Chili Pepper

Adventurous Deep Red-Biking Red

Light Peach-Crème de Pèche

Warm Peach- Peach Pink

Earthy Solid Brown-Rocky Road

Extroverted Pink-Fruit Dove

Sweetened Shade of Brown-Sugar Almond

Blend of yellow and Orange-Dark Cheddar

Blue Hue-Galaxy Blue

Blend of Blue and Gray-Bluestone

Energetic Orange- Orange Tiger

Forest Green-Eden

Light Beige-Vanilla Custard

Deep Navy Blue-Evening Blue

Light Grey-Paloma

Shamrock Green-Guacamole

There you have them, a very rich mix of warm tones with a few pops of more vibrant colors. Don’t limit yourself to get only clothing pieces, but feel free to implement them in your accessories, shoes, purses and makeup departments as well. Also have in consideration your taste, likes and those colors that complement your skin tone the most when wearing your outfits. Do your research (utilizing the internet or books) and discover your specific skin color and undertones, that way you can be assertive knowing which colors complement you th best.

Be intentional and implement these color trends in your Fall-Winter wardrobe!

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