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  • Iris Rosario

Fashionable Thursday: Edgy Classic Style

This style is excellent for fearless and unconventional women. Those who are not afraid to offer an interesting shift to their appearance. Unlike the classic style, when the edginess is added there are several aspects to have in consideration. Fitting is more on the slim side, the choice of clothing pieces that might go out of the norm and that there is no fear to stand out from the crowd. The edgy classic style is very interesting and usually pushes the boundaries of what is usually worn. Some pieces that are essential within this style are leather material jackets, pants, tops, black clothing pieces, metallic staples, neutral or logo tees and irreverent hair colors/hair styles. If this is you, keep embracing it giving a twist to what is already expected from you. Build yourself a wardrobe that has clothing pieces and accessories that screams edgy.

Embrace your edginess and display it to the world!

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