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Fashionable Thursday: Dressing Your Attractive Proportional Body Type

This is the fourth and final week of the body type series; today we will be discussing the proportional body type. This body type is the one with a smaller waist and larger/equal measurements in their bust and hips. The anthem throughout this series has been to love your body regardless of its shape, size or age. You owe it to yourself! In this particular case to accomplish the hourglass shape when getting dressed is just a matter of putting the appropriate clothing pieces, they will highlight your natural body shape. Conceal your body while getting dressed in a fashion forward way. It does not matter your age; these aspects I will be sharing will always assist you.

Here it is what to do when dressing your proportional body type:

  • Bodycon dresses are the perfect way to accentuate your curves

  • Wrapped and peplum blouses draw attention to your waist without adding extra volume

  • Striped skater dresses help you to downplay you curves a bit, if that is what you would like to do at times

  • Narrow V-neck, sweetheart and scoop neck tops prevent you from looking too busty, while drawing focus to a narrow waist

  • Pencil skirts are perfect to accentuate your curves in a very classy way

  • Flared pants will always hugged your hips while offering length to your legs

  • Skinny jeans can be paired with fitted tops to accentuate your curves or with lose fitted tops for a more relaxed appearance

  • You can always highlight your waist with belts while allowing your curves to be the center of attention

  • Do not neglect your accessories department, but again you can utilize basically anything from statement earrings, stamen or long necklaces, scarves, hats, you name it. Add those elements to draw the eye attention to those areas you love the most in your body.

Hopefully these tips or aspects will serve you as a guide for future references. I guarantee that you will have positive feedback and results, but the most important, your confidence will have a boost and that is always great. Your personal style and willingness to conquer the world cannot be compromised, instead allow your style to speak for you and flatter your figure at the same time. Take advantage of the body you have today and don’t forget to explore with the clothing pieces and all-things fashion related you incorporate in your daily walk. Have fun and let your creativity flow.

Today and forever “Life is your runway, dress it up and live it with the best version of yourself!”

With much love,


Our model right here is wearing a very bohemian look. The printed maxi dress highlights her lower body part, while the neutral color on the top part along with the pendant necklace serves to accentuate her proportional body type.

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