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Fashionable Thursday: Dressing Your Appealing No-Curves/Athletic Body Type

Third week of this series, therefore the third body type we will be discussing is here. This is the body with no-curves and in many cases more prone to have an athletic form. This body type is the one with the same or minimal difference in bust, waist and hips measurements. Like I always mention, love your body regardless of its shape, size or age. Nobody can do it like you do! By this point it should be an anthem to you, the fact that you are going to ambition and accomplished the optical illusion of the hourglass shape when getting dressed; and within this body type let me tell you that to accomplish the same will be really easy. You will have the ability to flaunt or conceal as much as you want. In this particular case we will not have two different lists, because your body has minimal measurement difference, we are just going to focus into highlight your best attributes and create optical attention to your waist while playing with the rest of elements within the outfits you decide to create and wear. It does not matter your age; these aspects I will be sharing will always assist you.

Here it is what to do when dressing your no-curves/athletic body type:

  • Maintain volume on top or bottom pieces, never in both at the same time. Remember that volume is something that draws the sight attention.

  • Scoop necklines, halter styles and strapless are tops that you should always consider when getting dressed.

  • Statement collars and necklines are always a good idea to implement.

  • Adding layers like the peat coats, dusters, bomber jackets and flowy outerwear are a must for you.

  • Cropped or elastic waistlines are perfect for you to create a slimmer waist.

  • A-line cuts are always perfect for you; they will accentuate your waist as well.

  • You can always highlight your arms with the tops you go for or your legs implementing slimmer or shorter bottoms.

  • When it comes to pants, your options are infinite; from skinny, trousers, wide legs, boot cuts, etc.; they are all options you can go for and create balance with your tops as always.

  • Do not neglect your accessories department, but again you can utilize basically anything from statement earrings, stamen or long necklaces, scarves, hats, you name it. Add those elements to draw the eye attention to those areas you love the most in your body.

I hope these tips or aspects will serve you as a guide for future references. If you ever decide to use something that does not flatter your body type, nothing bad is going to happened but if you would like to be intentional this DV list will always be a point of reference. I guarantee that you will have positive feedback and results, but the most important, your confidence will have a boost and that is always great. Fashion is what designers create for the runways, but style it is a very deep and personal expression of who you are. Remember this and like Jeremy McGilvrey once said, always dress how you want to be addressed. Take advantage of the body you have today and don’t forget to explore with your style, because your body and life seasons are always changing. Have fun and let your creativity flow.

Today and forever “Life is your runway, dress it up and live it with the best version of yourself!”

With much love,


Our model has casual chic outfit that works perfectly for her body type. The spaguetti strap top with lace details works as focal point drawing attention to her arms and upper body. The top was paired with a light-wash denim and stilletos in a bright orange color; that way volume and visual impact was added to her lower body part. If a word defines her outfit, it is synchronization. Elements like volume, texture and pops of color can go together and work in your favor.

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