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Fashionable Thursday: Dressing Your Alluring Bigger on the Bottom Body Type

The second body type we will be talking about during this series is officially here. I know I have mentioned this before, but it is important for me to mention it again, remember that your body is gorgeous regardless of your shape, pounds or age. All bodies matter! Now let’s begin with our discussion. Once again, you are going to ambition and accomplished the optical illusion of the hourglass shape when getting dressed; and within this body type to elongate your torso, clothing pieces are just tools that you should always use in your favor. I will be providing you some tips on what pieces you should avoid, and which ones are definitely a “go-to” if this is your specific body type. During the very first week of this series we learned that this body type is the one with larger measurements in hips and thighs in comparison to the torso (again, regardless of your weight). It does not matter your age; these aspects I will be sharing will always assist you.

The pieces or aspects you should avoid when getting dressed are:

· Avoid bottoms with large size prints

· Pants that are too low on the hips are not what’s best for your body type

· Avoid light colors on bottom and darks on top, but if you decide to do it add any other statement piece in your upper part, like jewelry to draw visual attention

· Limit the use of super skinny jeans

· Do not add print on bottom without a printed or light color on top

· Don’t do seam lines on your tops and dresses that fall too low on your hips

· Shirt dresses that fall just in the middle of your tights are not the way to go (they make you look extremely short and add volume to your hips). Have them will a longer seam line.

Now it’s time to offer you a to-do’s guide, because there is always a solution when it comes to fashion. Even for the pieces you love, but don’t beneficiate you, there is always a way to implement them in your wardrobe while looking proportionate. These are your go-to:

· Highlight your necklines in which case jewelry like statement necklaces and earrings are your allies

· By utilizing cowl or asymmetric necklines, plunging scoop tops and bell sleeves you will be adding visual impact to your upper body part

· Go for off-shoulder or shoulder detailing tops

· Emphasize your waist with belts and the cut of your pieces

· Go for the darker colors in you lower body, regardless of it is a pant or skirts what you are wearing. If you go for light colors or patterns balance it with your top which should have equal or more visual impact than your bottom piece.

· When wearing skinny pants or jeans add heels, so your lower body part don’t look extremely short and wide.

· Textured fabrics (lace, crochet, etc.), prints (florals, polka dots, animal print, etc.), ruffles and bright/light colors tops are the best option when getting tops. They offer volume and visual impact within your outfit options.

· Choose jackets, blazers and cardigans that elongate your torso, to have them with cuts in your waist is the perfect option for you.

· Go for wrap around type of dresses, they will define your waits while offering you a proportionate silhouette.

My expectations are that these lists will serve you as a guide for future references. Like I use to say, even if you break the rules nothing bad happens, but if you want and wish to be intentional with the way you look put these in practice and it will give you positive results. I mentioned last week, fashion is not only about looks, it is about you taking advantage of the body you have while looking and feeling your best proportionated self. Take advantage of the body you have today and don’t forget to explore with style, having fun and letting your creativity flow.

Today and forever “Life is your runway, dress it up and live it with the best version of yourself!”

With much love,


Our model right here is wearing what works perfectly for her body type. Because she has a smaller upper body part, the animal print/silky material blouse offered volume and texture. In addition it was the statement piece within her entire look and paired with a mauve pencil skirt. Let's not forget some vintage black earrings and strappy black heels to complete the outfit. This whole look offered her a proportionate appearance in a very classy and chic way.

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