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Fashionable Thursday: Dressing Your Age/Girls and Teenagers

It is my pleasure to guide you through what it is the age that I enjoy the most when it comes to styling; and that is because I myself have two girls, one of them in the verge of teenage years. So, I will be offering you a few suggestions for when it comes to styling your little girl or teenager without them feeling or looking not age appropriate. The first myth we need to expose right here is the fact that girls need to dress with Cinderella dresses and lace-trimmed socks in order to look their age. That my friend is an option if you would like it, but for the most part outdated. Because of technology and this modern world, nowadays girls and teenagers are more exposed than ever to all things fashion and street style related. Therefore, let’s use it to our and their advantage. There is always a way to help and make them look fashion forward, while age appropriate. Here are my tips to style your girls and teenagers:

- Let them choose and participate in their styling process if they express interest.

- Have in consideration their likes and personalities; colors, patterns, lengths, cuts and everything that draws their attention.

- When it comes to seasonal trends allow them to implement them and explore, there is always a way to do it.

- Have in consideration comfort, especially when on parks, vacations and all other occasions where they need to look put together but have room to move and play.

- Do not invest a lot of money on their pieces, they grow really quick and there are always ways to get very fashionable pieces at very affordable prices.

- Accessories matter, they add the extra element to their outfits in a very effortlessly way and you can get them everywhere nowadays.

- Be extremely careful when it comes to reveling pieces, you want them to have a fashion forward appearance without looking older or inappropriate.

It is my desire that you could learn and appreciate that fashion for girls and teenagers do not have to be boring or a sad routine. Because of it I pretend to help you with an example. Sarah and Daniela are wearing fall-winter styles and trends in a very age appropriate way. We have an animal print/turtleneck top paired with a rusty corduroy skirt, ankle boots and a pink backpack purse for Sarah who is nine years old. Daniela is seven years old and is wearing a neon color top with deconstructive details on the arms, a tweed skirt, ankle boots and a denim purse to complement the outfit. Details matter and cohesion is key! So feel free to implement and experiment, I promise it will be one of your favorite motherhood experiences. Finally, in a more personal note, take care of their spirit and soul even while getting them styled and dressed. Tell them and make them repeat words of affirmations on their body image and appearance. Let’s help them cultivate the best version of themselves even when they still growing. Keep it up with those Donna Versatile’s in formation!

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