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Fashionable Thursday: Dressing Your Age at 50's and More

Maturity is Everything DV Beauty! It represents strength, security, a beautiful spirit and body, and even sexiness. You have arrived and pretty much your life is settled to this life stage where every single thing can be found. You just have in the front of your eyes the route of expansion, experimentation and even more self-realization. A time of reflection and admiration of everything you have overcome achieved and conquer through the years. It is a season to live the rest of your life unapologetically and going after what you really want to do with the rest of it. All the responsibilities you have had was a tricky task sometimes, but you have made it. Now it’s time to worry more about your likes, your goals and your style. Your body is as beautiful as ever, embrace it, live it and show to the world everything you still have inside. Hope you find useful the list of recommendations I have for you to consider and/or follow in case you need them as a style guideline:

- You work attire matters as much as your social life, be intentional when acquiring pieces for both settings. Let these speak for you and tell the world who you really are without having to speak.

- Prints can work in your favor; go after those that better represent chicness while at the same time your personal style.

- Patterns and color are still appropriate for you; well paired together they will slim down your figure and offer you the hourglass silhouette.

- If you love denim, go after it nobody says denim is only for younger women. Nevertheless, keep the ripped ones to a minimum. Too much of a ripped pattern might not look age appropriate.

- Tailored pieces are a must need and that applies to your third pieces and coats as well.

- The fitting is everything, so choose your pieces with some stretch to it. Extremely fitted pieces might not work for every setting and occasion.

- Quality over quantity is a given for you now, good thing is you have room to make thoughtful purchases and not compromising where your money goes when it comes to the fashion department.

- Makeup and accessories are the perfect complement at work or during your social life, to look presentable and put together will take you to the next stage in your life.

- Do not scratch sexiness from your list of style appropriate, but again make it work for your body type and style. Look up to great examples like Jane Fonda, because maturity does not mean that you are never allowed to show some skin in a very chic way.

- Your bag department matters, be willing to invest a little bit more and own long lasting ones that can go with most of your wardrobe.

- Embrace your glasses if you need them, but make it fun. Go after the ones that better suit your face shape and ones that better complement your outfits and personal style.

- If you still like to wear heels, go for the ones that better help your posture.

- Always get to know your body type and use it to your advantage, even when it changes over the decades.

This week we have our beautiful and special model Ana (my beloved mother-in-law). I am not lying when I say that she ages extremely gracefully and I admire her sense of fashion and personal style. Looking very chic, yet age appropriate; Ana is wearing a very stylish black maxi dress in a cheer fabric and a high neckline, paired with some classy-edgy heels. Hairstyle and makeup styled in a way that better complement this look and her personal appearance. I hope you learned some tips from this series, and the most important thing not to ever neglect yourself in this path called life. Live this and every decade without fears and hesitations. Be true to yourself, powerful, bold, intense, romantic, loving, funny and nonetheless embrace your gorgeous body and project it to the world now and forever.

Un abrazo my beloved DV Beauties!

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