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Fashionable Thursday: Dressing Your Age at 40's

You are trendy my friend! Yes, my dear 40-year-old DV Beauty, after the Super Bowl Half Time Show you are so trendy. Displaying the power and versatility that aging represents. I want you to know and appreciate the fact that there are infinity of other women admiring you, who you are, what you have achieved so far, the freeway in which you live life and transit all your possibilities, even the dreams you still have. 40’s represents such a powerful force and the strong will that life have provided you with. Therefore, dare to keep telling a story through your wardrobe, your presence and style. Your body has lived four decades now, but that only means that you have so much more to keep internalizing and offering to the world. Here we go with a list of recommendations I have for you to consider and/or follow in case you need them as a style guideline:

- Your job still is one of the places you spend most time in, be intentional when it comes to getting the appropriate working pieces having in consideration the etiquette, but without neglecting your personal taste.

- Tailored pieces are a need you cannot avoid and if you don’t get your pieces already tailored for your body, make sure you do have a seamstress. This is always a need because clothing pieces are “one-size fits all”, therefore you need to be willing to invest a little bit more.

- Be smart when it comes to the colors, silhouettes and textures that better complement your skin tone and body shape.

- Sobriety does not mean boredom, while you are maturing in age classic pieces are a must. But you still have room for playing with what is new and trendy.

- Quality over quantity is a given for you now, good thing is you have room to make thoughtful purchases and not compromising where your money goes when it comes to the fashion department.

- Denim, shirts and breezy fabrics should be still in your wardrobe and be intentional when it comes to their quality.

- Makeup and accessories are the perfect complement at work or during your social life, to look presentable and put together will take you to the next stage in your life.

- Don’t be very uptight, allow yourself to show some skin in a chic way. And if you’re more on the conservative side, embrace it as well because conservative does not mean lack of great style.

- Always get to know your body type and use it to your advantage, even when it changes over the decades.

This week we have our gorgeous model Iris with a representation of the classic but relevant woman she is when it comes to styling. We paired an all-white outfit with the third piece which in this case is a mustard blazer. To add a hint of season appropriate the animal print could not be absent, therefore shoes and belt added that extra touch. Hair and makeup are very soft and add the sobriety she loves when it comes to her personal appearance. Do not ever neglect yourself and all those aspect s you love the most. Live this decade intensely and fully, be true to yourself, embrace your body and project it to the world through the power of your personal style.

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