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Fashionable Thursday: Dressing Your Age at 30's

You have arrived! Ladies your 30’s are such a great decade to look forward to, to live intensely and to tell the world who you are through the power of your personal style. To let your wardrobe speak for you, represent your life, routine and goals; this is the moment to do so. By personal experience I can tell you that a new mindset, maturity and challenges come with this new decade, but it’s a season to feel accomplished and to keep forging your future in a very meaningful way. Slightly older, but wiser, less impulsive and shaping your story. That’s what 30’s does for you, therefore let it count, be meaningful and full of great style. Your body might have experienced some changes already, but be gentle and at easy with it. You are and will ever be a gorgeous jewel. Here we go with a list of recommendations I have for you to consider and/or follow in case you need them as a style guideline:

- Your job is one of the places you spend most time in, be intentional when it comes to getting the appropriate working pieces.

- Tailored pieces are a need and if you don’t get your pieces already tailored for your body, make sure you do have a seamstress. This is always a need because clothing pieces are “one-size fits all”, therefore you need to be willing to invest a little bit more.

- Be intentional with the colors, silhouettes and textures that better complement your skin tone and body shape.

- Your style matter and if you are into trends keep exploring with them as well, aging does not have to be about sticking to just one style or frame.

- Longevity is key, make thoughtful purchases. Think long term and the investment will be worth the moment.

- When it comes to denim, decide to invest in quality over quantity.

- Makeup and accessories are the perfect complement at work or during your social life, to look presentable and put together will take you even further in life.

- Don’t be very uptight, allow yourself to show some skin in a chic way. And if you’re more on the conservative side, embrace it as well because conservative does not mean lack of great style.

- Always get to know your body type and use it to your advantage.

This week we have our wonderful model Carmen with a representation of who she is when it comes to styling. We paired a black t-shirt, a snake print midi skirt with the third piece which in this case is the denim shirt and finally the shoe department was appropriate for middle high boots. Hair and makeup were the perfect sultry complement for this outfit, because like I always mention your personality and likes are extremely relevant when it comes to styling yourself. At your 30’s do not fear to incorporate aspects you feel matter the most when styling yourself. Today and forever, be patient with yourself, embrace your body and project it to the world through the power of what you wear.

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