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Fashionable Thursday: Dressing Your Age at 20's

Divine Youth! I know many people wish they can be forever in their 20’s, but personally speaking I just wish we all can appreciate the beauty that every year and decade offer us. With that said, this goes to all the 20-year-old beauties that read and follow this platform. Love and embrace the body you have now; its perfect and it will take you to do wonders. Enjoy your shape, your growth and you womanly attributes; however, your look because it’s simply unique. You must know that there are many options when it comes to who you are and what you want or need to reflect in terms of your personal style, and how your wardrobe speaks for you. So, let’s dive in a list of recommendations I have for you to consider and/or follow in case you need them as a style guideline:

- Slowly, but shortly make sure to blend your college mood with the more work appropriate clothing pieces. While relaxed pieces are the comfiest in the world, they are not appropriate for every kind of setting you be diversifying yourself into.

- Fitting is vital when it comes to style, have it in consideration.

- Diversify your wardrobe. Continue to express yourself and experiment with color, silhouettes, textures and styles. The 20’s are the perfect season to first know who you truly are in terms of your personal style but at your own pace.

- No matter if you like to explore with seasonal trends or stick to more classic pieces, there is always a way to shape them to your peculiar taste.

- While "adulting" can be challenging, don’t fear having fun and being open to new things that represent who you truly are.

- It is the perfect timing to start investing in pieces with good longevity. While affordable pieces are good, if you want to be more environmentally conscious or simply have pieces that can last you over time, don’t go the cheap route and be willing to invest in better quality.

- Say no to boredom and play with elements such as third pieces and accessories. Decide to add that extra touch to your stylish persona.

- Don’t be very uptight, allow yourself to show some skin in a chic way. And if you’re more on the conservative side, embrace it as well because conservative does not mean lack of great style.

- Always get to know your body type and use it to your advantage.

This week we have our gorgeous model Silvana with a very age appropriate outfit situation. We paired a bond white crop top, color blocking skinny jeans with a third piece, which in this case is a maroon cardigan and finally the shoe department was perfect for some pink chunky heels. A very casual-chic outfit situation to suit her charming and sexy personality. Feel free to be your very first personal stylists, to implement and experiment. Be kind to yourself, love your body and project it to the world through the power of what you wear.

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