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  • Iris Rosario

Fashionable Thursday: Classic Style

This style is a perfect suit for a timeless woman. A woman who is modest and see fashion as a way to express maturity, confidence and who dresses in a very classic way. She enjoys the classic/regular fit, nothing that is too tight. Clothes are supposed to enhance natural beauty and not to be too fitted. Other essential aspects within this style are the implementation of neutral colors, simple cuts and high quality in clothing, shoes and handbags. The ideal is to own a wardrobe that does not need to be updated as often, but pieces that last for a lifetime and that regardless of age or body type are forever relevant and appropriate. A classic taste does not rely on trends, but on what will be forever fundamental. If this appeals to you, try to invest your money on pieces that will last longer. Make sure you own dresses with classic prints and solid colors, blazers, bottom down shirts, clean line sweaters, pencil skirts, midi skirts, and trousers. Meet your own expectations and build a wardrobe that speaks for you.

Be a lady and show your great taste to the world with the classic style, tastefully and timeless!

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