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Fashionable Thursday: Casual Chic Style

If what attracts you the most is versatility and chicness without falling into the classic style, then you might be a casual chic type of women. The casual chic style flows around multiple options and allows you to offer a twist to denim and even other type of fabrics. It offers a more relaxed appearance, but still keeping it chic and not compromising a fashion forward wardrobe. Some of the options you can play around are:

1. Using hats. They can be your ally, to appear like you are trying too hard without actually doing it.

2. Own statement jewelry that will always elevate your looks even with a tone down outfit.

3. Always use accessories like denti jewelry, purses and glasses. They can never go wrong.

4. Add an extra clothing piece to your outfits. These might include button down shirts, blazers, dusters, kimonos or jackets.

5. Have endless options of casual dresses and tops. From sweaters, denim shirts, t-shirts and blouses, but offer a variety to this department.

6. Acquire multiple denim options along with skirts that will allow to create endless outfit combinations.

7. Make sure you explore multiple shoe options. From boots, to heels, to flats, to sandals, to sneakers, there are no restrictions.

Without fear, say no to boring outfits. The possibilities are endless being a casual chic!

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