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Fashionable Thursday: Athleisure Style

A new style is born. It happens whenever a social transformation takes place. The mainstream culture have turnover into a more relaxed and less preoccupied for stiff looks during the last few years. Workout clothing pieces have taken over and now it is completely normal to see women wearing their leggings and sneakers outside of the gym. Athleisure is the perfect style for the layback and like to be conformable type of woman; or just for any women who needs to run errands and does not want to get all dress up. Nevertheless, if you’re wearing athleisure for social settings there are some aspects you need to consider in order to still look chic and put together. Here are some tips that may help the athleisure woman in you:

1. Look for nice prints or even color combinations in your sport bras and tops.

2. Do not compromise the good state of your leggings. Wear them if they still nice and don’t look faded.

3. Be diligent with the care you give to your sneakers.

4. Try to add a third clothing piece that can actually be on you or around your waist. It will always add the extra touch and look like you actually care for your appearance.

5. Don’t fear to add hair bandanas or scrunches that will add a pop of chicness and color in your head.

6. Sunglasses are your allies. They make you look like a secure woman who has everything figured out (even if you don't).

Stay confident, feel comfortable and let your athleisure side make a statement!

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