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  • Iris Rosario

Fashionable Thursday: Are You Ready for the Corduroy Mood?

When it comes to fall-winter fashion there are a few concepts, ideas and images that can come to your memory like colors, textures and patterns. Nevertheless, season after season there are several propositions made by designers that have the capacity to overtake the popular opinion and make it to the trends department. Such is the case this season when it comes to corduroy fabric that made it directly from the runways such as Tom Ford, Elie Saab and Alexachung. Little do we know that corduroy is a cousin fabric of velvet and it is sometimes called the “poor man’s velvet’’, but its appearance has nothing to do with a social class. This fabric has been popular within all classes for almost two centuries. First originated in England during the 18th century; usually made of cotton and sometimes blended with other fabrics like rayon and polyester. Undoubtedly it is an old-fashioned fabric in appearance, therefore the styling portion of it has everything to do with how it looks when well put together. You can go through the vintage route to accomplish a very much 70’s look, by wearing a corduroy bell-bottom, as well you can always bring it to the more modern side when paired with more modern silhouettes, prints, fabrics, footwear and accessories which is always key when it comes to the entire appearance.

The truth is you can choose it from variety of options like pants, jackets, skirts, dresses and jumpsuits in this cozy, warm and full of personality fabric. Stay on track with the fall-winter trends and decide to wear your corduroy pieces this season.

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