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Fashionable Thursday: Accessorizing with Feathers

Feathers and more feathers, if you truly love them this is the perfect season to take them for a walk. They were first implemented within the fashion industry during the 20th century where the flapper era arrived, and dresses were embellished with them to create the optical illusion of movement. Just to give you a good historical context, flappers were a generation of young women who loved to wear skirts, bobbed their hair, listened to jazz and used to brag about their socially acceptable behavior. Definitely the image that comes to your mind when thinking about the 20’s decade. Because everything in fashion comes and goes, feathers are always making apparitions and this Fall/Winter 2019 it is not the exception. Marc Jacobs, to Tom Ford and Oscar de la Renta implemented them in their runways and they will be making their way within the fast fashion department. Even when they are directly associated to more vintage looks, get ready to implement them in your wardrobe. Feathers are the perfect way to spice up an outfit, to add excitement to a more minimalist look. They are a statement! So feel free to add wispy details with them and if you don’t feel comfortable enough implementing feathers with a clothing piece, you can always implement them through shoe wear or in anything that is within the accessories department related; like it could be the case with purses, hats, or jewelry. Trust me; the possibilities are endless even if you don’t think about them as your first reaction.

Feel free to break the routine and incorporate the feather trend this season!

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