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Fashionable Thursday: A Guide to Understand How Fashion Seasons Work

Traveling back in time to study a little bit of history is one of my favorite things to do and especially if it has to do with everything fashion related. Today I will throw back facts in history so we all can understand even better how fashion seasons work and are divided. Because we are in Pre-Fall season at this moment, I consider important that before we even go in depth with seasonal trends, take you in a walk that will offer insight about Fashion Weeks and what do they represent within the fashion industry. Knowledge is power and it is not anything different when it comes to why we get dressed in a certain way.

Individual designers were born in the 19th century when Charles Frederick Worth used to sew his label to the garments he created. During this century as well, it became a reality the division between haute couture (what designers create for the runways and wealthy clients) and ready-to-wear (what we can obtain in stores for affordable prices). To give you a good point of reference, haute couture was in the very beginning a European thing; with really great independent designers and the production of fabrics they were ahead of the game. Because of globalization, communications and travels, not only food or daily living essentials, but fashion and its tendencies became popular in America as well. From becoming popular in America, with the advance of time and technology, pioneer and modern cities like New York took the place to develop forum for fashion, for the independent designers and models. What is known today as the Fashion Week started with the purpose of gathering high end designers, so they were able to present the collections and propositions for the upcoming weather seasons translated into garments.

Fashion is split into four seasons; Spring/Summer, Fall/Winter, Resort and Pre-Fall. Even though the two major ones are Spring/Summer (starts in January until June) and Fall/Winter (goes from July till December). Resort collections are offered around late October through December, these are a specifically created for wealthy people who travel to exotic/warmer destinations during the winter months. Pre-Fall collections appear in stores slightly before Fall/Winter collections, as anticipation for Fall/Winter trends. Now that you know the four seasons in fashion, let’s focus in the two major ones. America had the very first Fashion Week called “Press Week” back then in 1943 in New York City at the high of World War II. Two years later, in 1945 in Paris as well haute couture shows were born. The next decades other cities like London joined the movement establishing and having Fashion Weeks as well. The importance of Fashion Weeks rely on the fact that they serve as a point of reference with everything fashion and trends related for the upcoming season. Fall/Winter Fashion Week is held in February and Spring/Summer Fashion Week is held in September. The purpose of displaying trends so early, it is to view collections and give retailers time to recreate them and make it affordable for the general populations. Everything you see in stores it is a replicate of what was already shown one season ahead.

This does not mean that you cannot utilize pieces you previously acquired or have in your closet, like I mentioned before, this should only serve you as a point of reference to see and explore with the options you have in your closet. As well to incorporate strictly what you think or feel is necessary when consuming from the ready-to-wear styles and industry. With this in mind, I let you know that from next week on we will begin to go in depth with everything fall/winter trends related; from accessories, clothing pieces to shoe wear. For now, just enjoy the Pre-Fall season and don’t stop creating and re-creating outfit options with what you already own.


During this season just offer a twist to your spring/summer season wardrobe and make it appropriate for now. It is all about adding elements that you will regularly wear during fall/winter; as such as the earthy color palette, warm prints, statement hats, boots and/or booties, and so on. Be creative, the possibilities are endless!

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