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Exploring the Possibilities: Self-Care Options

“Almost everything will work again if you unplug it for a few minutes, including you.” Unkown

I hope this blog finds you with health and full of life DV Beauty. Let me tell you that the past few weeks came for transformation, for a creative outburst and re-align life’s perspective for humanity in general. As for me, I have always been an advocate for self-love and not less importantly, for self-care. I got to admit that the plan for this blog was to create the pictures/content at the spa; but God, destiny and COVID-19 had other plans. This was in fact a great thing that happened, because to have self-care time at home can be as equally fun, relaxing and even more comfortably than anywhere else.

Now let’s procced to all the amazing ideas I have for you to re-create on your own, with your partner or even kids at any time you consider it necessary. As for me, I consider every weekend the appropriate occasion to unplug, conduct the rituals for self-care routine and end up as new for that purpose you need to invest in essentials like:

-infused candles

-relaxing music

-lavender or other relaxing oils/plants

-bath bombs

-bath salts




-body and face masks

-nail tools

All the essentials I mentioned above will serve a purpose, with candles and music you will create the necessary atmosphere you need to breathe, take in and to take you to a peaceful state of mind. The rest is a matter of preference; from body massages, to scrubbing the old skin, to nourish the body and face with masks, to doing your nails, to submerging your body in a perfect bath tub will serve and transform your mind/body/soul. Remember the quote from the beginning, right? Once you unplug from the routine you will be able to work again and with way more strength, clarity and a re-charged attitude.

Have in consideration that you matter, and your well-being is not optional, but a need!

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