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Exploring the Possibilities: Don't Compromise Family Time

“Our family is just the right mix of chaos and love” Unknown

Exploring the Possibilities will be a blog series every last Monday of the month, with the intention to motivate and inspire you to live every area of your life to the fullest and to cultivate everything that really matters. With that said, this 2020 I will begin speaking about family. Family is what I personally consider the biggest treasure that we could ever poses earthly speaking. Every family is different; it does not look the same for each one of us, nevertheless there is always something in common. It is the group of persons with whom we can be the most vulnerable and transparent in the whole world. Those who know our biggest virtues and greatest flaws, but they still have our back no matter what we do or what life throws at us.

Today I want to invite to never compromise your time so much to the point where you don’t have any time to invest with those that matter the most in your life. Family is, or at least for me, just like the quote from the beginning: the eternally mix of chaos, but so much more love. Let’s allow that same love to take away fear. Let’s be free to love them, to let them know we love them, to hug them, to invest time with one another, to live adventures together, to share laughs, hugs and trips. If there is something that the biggest personalities in life such as Steve Jobs regretted the most, was the fact the he did not spend enough time with his family, and it should be a great example for us. There is only one life, be intentional, wise and planner of the time you will spend with your family. After all, these are the memories you will keep and share with them forever.

A huge hug from me to you and yours Donna Versatile!

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