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Woman of thirty years of age, Iris is married to Israel Garcia, mother to Sarah, Daniela and Nathan. She’s been working with young women in different church groups since she was eighteen and within the social/psychology field since she was twenty three years old. At age twenty five approximately an extravagant interest for personal style and general appearance stirred up in her soul. That same passion drives her to continuously be the best version of herself and at the same time help other women from all ages, body types and races to build their inner confidence, feel they can achieve anything they want in life and look their best as well. With the conviction that every woman can be excellent in finding and portraying the best version of themselves; they were created to conquer. Personal Style University by Lauren Mesiah offered her the necessary expertise to navigate the styling process in herself and in other women as well; as a neverending transformational process that only portrays in the outside what is already in the inside. To navigate and build the inner integral beauty might be challenging at times, but is a path full of enrichment that should be enjoyable for the spirit, mind, soul and body.


For that reason and more, Iris goal is that every woman that visits Donna Versatile can have the opportunity to be empowered, educated and inspired in spiritual, mental and physical ways. By being informed about different life processes and fashion updates that will impulse them to daily display the best version of themselves. Life is too short, so let's make every day and outfit count!

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